Wk 15-Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Printmaking, Ink, Mono prints, Wood, Lithography, Acid, Reliefs, Etching, Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist: 

For this week’s artist conversation, I met Nancy Young. She will be graduating this semester with a BFA in Printmaking. She is currently living in Costa Mesa and makes the trip to come to Cal State Long Beach to study for her bachelor degree. She doesn’t know if she’s going to go for her Masters after she graduates, but she will continue making art. She does plan on relaxing at home and working on her garden after she graduates. Ms. Young majored in graphic designing at first but changed it to Printmaking because she took Intro to Printmaking and enjoyed it.

Formal Analysis 

Ms. Young focused on different printmaking in her artworks. There are different types of printmaking; intaglio, relief, lithography, serigraphy and mono print. In some of her artwork, she uses different strokes of lines. She would use lithography to make those little lines in the crow artworks. The lithography artworks are soaked in acid and the longer the artwork is soaked, the darker the lines are. Ms. Young also took a photograph of the San Francisco bridge or any scenery that she was interested in and used serigraphy to apply ink on top of the photograph to make lines. She uses different techniques to make her artworks and wanted the audience to understand that there are varieties of printmaking.

Content Analysis 

Ms. Young’s plan was to have her artwork show at Cal State Long Beach, then move on to the next location after she graduates. She compares her journey of her art to the crows. The crows are the ideal of her artworks because crows start at one location and makes a nest, then they move to their next location. Her purpose is to get her BFA in print making then have her art shows in different cities. She planned everything out already and now she’s just aiming for her goals. However, Ms. Young believes that the crows focuses on other things in order to get where they want to be. She put herself in the crow’s position and had a different perspective to look at California in a different way. This is why the crow is a main artwork to her show.


Overall, I thought Ms. Young’s ideal behind her artwork was creative. It was a personal goal to finish school and continue her artwork. It inspires others and myself to keep reaching for your goals but to also have a better perspective on other things. Also, people tend to not get far in their life with their hobbies. I like how she will continues her art shows and wants to keep going. As an example to how other people starting school but not finishing because they have no motivation. It’s important to strive for the better and finish the plans we intend on doing in the beginning.


Week 3-Artist Conversation-Andrew Fong

Fantasy Girl, 2016. Wax. 8.25 cm x 7.62 cm x 13.34 cm (3.25 in x 3 in x 5.25 in)

Artist: Andrew Fong

Exhibition: Standard 2.6 Art Education Student Association

Media: Wax, Cardboard, Ceramics, 2D

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Afonggallery.weebly.com

Instagram: Afong9189

Andrew Fong is a graduate student who majored in Art Education at CSULB. He’s in the single subject program which means he’s still considered a student at CSULB. Andrew didn’t really have the passion for art in high school. As he processed through college, he noticed that he liked art. His interests is exploring new things with art and whatever comes to his mind at the moment.

Andrew’s artwork is a wax sculpture of a girl with a sword. The work is very detailed with the face, hair and the structure of the body itself. The wax looked very fragile and easy to break. Some parts of the work is smooth, but the other parts like the body and arms are undulating. The blue wax sculpture looked like an actually girl.

The artist was inspired to focus on visual arts standards. He does whatever artwork he feels like doing at the moment. There are times where he feels doing his work on rings or animals. He tried exploring with wax by buying tools to melt and carve it. It was a fun experiment for him which took about a month to finish.

The artist’s ideas influenced me to do whatever artwork that comes to my mind. It is good to experiment and try new things. You’ll never know what you’re capable of doing when it comes to art or anything in life. He barley figured that he was into art senior year of college and it made me realized that I can find a different interest later in the future. However, this artwork doesn’t really have an affect on me, but the it does remind me of an anime character from a Japanese show.