Wk 14-Activity Feedback

My 3 favorite activities

  1. Snapchat-Snapchat was one of my favorite because I didn’t have a snapchat in a long time and when I found out that we had to make one for Art 110, I was pretty excited. I love Snapchat and how fun it is! Most people who did not have snapchat didn’t know the concept of it, but it’s such an easy and great experience. Art 110 involves a lot of interacting with each other and I feel like snapchat will bring people closer by adding each other.
  2. Graffiti Writing-The graffiti writing at Venice Beach was another of my favorites. I have never been to Venice Beach before and the atmosphere was different compared to Long Beach. Likewise, I have never done graffiti before neither. Graffiti is usually known to be as “bad” thing because people tag walls and mess up the city. However, it can open people’s perspective that graffiti isn’t all the bad and it’s a way to express your feelings.
  3. Art Care Package-I thought the ACP was different compared to the other activities that we have done. I have never thought to send out an ACP to my classmate and it was really neat. It’s a great experience for others to learn about their classmates and wonder why those items may be important to them because we would never know until they tell us.

My 3 least favorite activities 

  1. Photo walk-The photowalk wasn’t really my favorite because I thought the experience was boring. I was just taking pictures of the trees and I had so much time to spare after because we just stayed in one area. People already seen that part of the campus already and I thought it was a waste of time.
  2. Game Design II “Geocaching”-The geocaching art experience was harder than expected. I went to two different locations and the experiences for others didn’t do well because they could not find the geocache that people hid. Most people stole the geocache or it just disappeared and it’s not fun finding the geocache anymore if you can’t find it after 10 minutes.
  3. Moonbase Alpha-The Moonbase Alpha was my least favorite. I did not like the concept of making my character because the activity was confusing. I’m not good at making stories nor creating a character. It should not be an art experience.


Overall, I really enjoyed this class. I liked doing some art experiences and I met great people this semester. It made me interact with people more than I would usually would. This is a great way for people to meet others who are not only from Long Beach. However, I disliked the discussions on Tuesday. I did not like being forced to talk on a mic in front of 100 students, it’s to nerve wrecking for me.

What could make the class better? 

It would be great if you explained the art experiences more througly because sometimes I was confused and didn’t know what to do, but realized that the art experiences were easy. In my opinion, I thought this class was easy and fun. Just keep up the great work!


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