Wk 13-Artist Conversation-Nick BamFord

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Title

Media: Plaster, Wood, Form, Found objects

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website

Instagram: @NickBamf4d

About the artist 

For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Nick Bamford. He is an undergraduate student who will be graduating this semester with his BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture. Mr. Bamford is from Huntington Beach, but decided to study at Cal State Long Beach. When he first applied to CSULB, he already had his mind set to major in Ceramics and Sculpture. During his free time, he likes to make art and explore different creations that comes to his mind. Mr. Bamford tends to go with the flow as he uses many different materials that he thinks will fit into his artwork.

Formal Analysis 

In Mr. Bamford artworks, he uses plaster, wood, foam, and found objects that were really random. He used a grocery cart that has glow sticks inside in the cart and a piece fabric material of an eye ball was glued on the side. The grocery cart was all being held together by wood, plaster and the elastic band to keep it in place. Mr. Bamford also had a fan that was on and blowing air in one of his three artworks. His three artworks looked similar, but he used random objects making it unique and different. He also purposely incorporated light bulbs and glow sticks in all of his artworks which made his work stand out when he turned off the lights. Mr. Bamford artwork looks very fragile and balanced out by the way it was sculptured.

Content Analysis 

Mr. Bamford’s inspirations were a series of objects that he thought would fit together into one sculpture. He does not plan out his artworks and rather just let it happens. If the object looks good with another object, he puts it together. Mr. Bamford likes to challenge himself with large scale objects. He finds the placement of the objects important because it’s his way of expressing himself through these artworks. Lighting also plays an important part in his artwork because it affects how he feels and what he sees in life. He compares the way he creates these sculptures piece by piece to the things that is occurring in his life over time.


When I first saw Mr. Bamford’s artworks, I thought it was different and amazed how it all held together. A grocery cart is heavy, but the wood and plaster somehow held it together. I never imagined all those pieces actually standing in place because if I put those objects myself, it would all fall over. However, people usually tend to express their feelings through a painting, but I never considered to put pieces of random things together by the situations that is happening in my life. I really liked the theme of the gallery being dark and the artworks standing out so it could be focused on more. It’s rare to find artwork like this and to see an artwork through another artists eyes.


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