Wk 13-Art Experience-Art Care Package



For this week’s art experience, I thought it was quite different. People rarely send things through mail now a days and rather use their electronic devices. It was nice to actually contact my classmate through mail and do something that I would not usually do. I put a red envelope because I celebrate Chinese New Years, a ticket from the OC fair when I went last year, a button from Universal Studios when I went on my birthday, a photo of my cousin and I, and a coupon to Hollister if Andrew would like to use it.

  1. An art care package is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because I could send someone a picture of these items that I mailed and they would see it either way. On snapchat, when you send someone a photo, it says that it is delivered. It is similar to how a mail carrier is delivering mail.
  2. Snapchat is faster at sending photos, where as an art care package would take days to get delivered to the person. However, the person can physically see the object rather than seeing it through a photo. I feel like sending an art care package through mail is more meaningful than it would be through snapchat.
  3. I think ephemera’s are meaningful even though they’re used for a short amount of time. Ephemera can always remind a person the time they went somewhere or how it was popular back then. Ephemera’s can gain value overtime but it depends on what it is. If I gave my grandkids a bead bracelet from Coachella, I think they would not care unless people talk about how cool it was in the future. If it’s not cool in the future to them, they would not value my bead bracelet as much.
  4. People see art differently, not everyone sees a painting the same way one person does. Likewise, my classmate Andrew would not see the importance of the ticket when I went to the OC fair. He would not know why I thought the day was important or what I did, and who I went with. Same as for the others who don’t know why I sent those items in the art care package. Everyone sees their artwork differently until someone tells them the story behind it.
  5. Making a ACP and sending it to a nearby friends does make a difference because I actually took the time and effort to think of what I should put before I sent it out. When a friend sees a picture on snapchat, you only see it once and it would not matter anymore. However, although it takes longer to send the ACP, the items are physically there and people will remember what you sent them.
  6. I do not think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as the McDonald’s drive thru because people who work at McDonald’s just slap the food together, wrap it up and give it to their customers. As long as they get their job done correct, that’s all it matters to them. When people take their time and effort to make food, it makes a difference because they put dedication into that. An ACP can have some sort of love because you could put something from your grandparents who passed away or anything that means a lot to you.

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