Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Ink, Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist 

For this week’s artist conversation, I met Jennifer Chen. She is a graduate student who will be graduating this semester with her masters in Printmaking at Cal State Long Beach. As she studies for her masters, she graduated with her bachelors in Biology which is a big change from printmaking. Before she decided to go back to school for her masters, she use to work for big corporations and in health departments. However, she decided that she was going to go further into her printmaking career and will be teaching an Art 270 at Cal State Long Beach in the fall.


Formal Analysis 

In Ms. Chen’s artwork, she uses printmaking and ink. In some of her artwork, she uses ink  to scribble different lines. She uses the rhythm of lines that are jagged, but most of them were straight. Furthermore, she smeared the ink to give it more of an effect so it wouldn’t only have lines. Ms. Chen also included letters in her artwork, if you look closely at the painting. However, the artwork of lines is eye opening, but it also looks like an artistic graffiti wall. In her other artworks, she uses printmaking to create the image of the suburbans and trees. It looks like a realistic photo that is found on google maps but she made it look pixelated when you look at the artwork closely. Ms. Chen focuses more on the barks of the trees and changes their colors to a pixelated dark brown, pink or purple.

Content Analysis 

Ms. Chen ideals for her artworks influenced her from the disturbance to the world. As time flies, people change and building’s are built differently. However, the trees and the ecosystem of the forest and etc. do not change. They stand the same and live until they are cut off by people. This is the reasoning to why she focuses on the barks of the trees and makes the trees more in depth overall. Google maps also plays a part in her artwork based the perspective of the trees and the suburban areas. Anything that Ms. Chen finds interesting as an artist is how she creates her art. As an artist, she has to observe her surroundings to work through these ideas.


At first when I interviewed Ms. Chen, I was confused with her artwork because it looked like a regular picture of the suburbans and the trees. Then I looked at the artworks closely and it looks like an image from google maps. Until I read Ms. Chen’s purpose of her artwork and I understood the reasoning of the trees not changing but the community itself. I realized that people do change, the building changes overtime and the city or suburbans end up looking different. However, trees do not change and if they do look any different, it has either grown taller or the branches have been cut off.


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