Wk 12-Art Experience-Game Design II

For this week’s art experience, we had to use the geocaching app to find a little box or an Altoids’ tin. Before I found this Altoid’s tin, I went to two different destinations and didn’t find anything! I thought this experience was kind of hard and similar to a scavenger hunt, which was really fun. Since I did not find anything at the first two destinations, I went to the neighborhood. I was looking around the tree until the person who hid the Altoid tin gave me a hint. I thought it was sweet of him to give me a hint because I was having trouble until my friend found the box attached to the fence. Who would’ve ever thought to hide something right there? I thought it was creative and such a neat tool. Overall, this experience was fun and I will be using this geocaching app in the summer when I have more time. It gave me an idea to look at things that are surrounding me differently, I tend to not pay attention when I’m walking. People tend to not pay attention to anything when they’re walking too, we don’t observe the area around us and just focus on our own lives. There are possibilities to find things around you even if you’re walking and there are great hiding places.

My coordination is (N 33.850511 and E -118.164940) at Cherry Cove Park in Long Beach

This is what I have in mine!


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