Wk 11-Art Activity-Turning Pages

On Thursday, we did an art activity called Turning Pages. The purpose of Turning Pages is to explore the spaces at the Cal State Long Beach Library and Book Store. We had a visiting artist, Marta Troya, who wanted us to experience something we do not notice but do in our everyday life. Our first activity was to go the library and read oversized children books together. We went up to the second floor and got our children books and went down to the computer lab waiting area to read our books. The experience was very different because everyone was looking at us and we were being disruptive to others who are studying. The library rule is to not talk to anyone or make loud noises, but we were doing the complete opposite. We read our books to our classmates and stood up a few times. It created a lot of attention and distractions towards others which made things awkward. I thought this experience was way out of my comfort zone, It’s not something I would do at all because I do not want to interrupt anyone while they’re doing their homework or while they’re studying. It was nice to do this activity with my classmates so the attention wasn’t just on me.

The plan on our next activity was to go to the CSULB Book Store to look around and shop. The store is called CSULB Book Store, but when you first walk inside, it looks like a regular store and not an actual book store. The store had clothing, cups, accessories, guitars, computers and even makeup! We do not notice these things until we actually go into the store and look at everything. All the books were in the back of the store instead of the front. A book store now is different to how it was a few years back because they changed it to the point where us college students can find everything at this bookstore that’s technically not really a bookstore. Students were also upstairs studying which I thought was weird because it’s not a library. I thought this experience was an eye opener and something that people should start noticing more. We tend to not care about these things and focus on school work or our personal life.


We could document experiences like Turning Pages with pictures and writing our experience like how I’m blogging about it. Words and Pictures can definitely capture our experience, it is a memory and we won’t forget what we did that day. The style of the image does matter because people see a different perspective from what you see in the picture. People see pictures precisely, but they would not know the purpose of the picture and why it was taken that way. I think words are very important to explain what you see and the purpose of the work. There’s other ways like making a vlog which is a video to really experience the activity and for people to actually feel like they were there too. Sometimes  documenting the experiencing can take you out of the experience. Even if you take a photo of something, you may not get a clear photo of it and the photo may not do it justice as it does in person. Photos are memories, but photos don’t always look the same as it does in person.



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