Wk 13-Art Experience-Art Care Package



For this week’s art experience, I thought it was quite different. People rarely send things through mail now a days and rather use their electronic devices. It was nice to actually contact my classmate through mail and do something that I would not usually do. I put a red envelope because I celebrate Chinese New Years, a ticket from the OC fair when I went last year, a button from Universal Studios when I went on my birthday, a photo of my cousin and I, and a coupon to Hollister if Andrew would like to use it.

  1. An art care package is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because I could send someone a picture of these items that I mailed and they would see it either way. On snapchat, when you send someone a photo, it says that it is delivered. It is similar to how a mail carrier is delivering mail.
  2. Snapchat is faster at sending photos, where as an art care package would take days to get delivered to the person. However, the person can physically see the object rather than seeing it through a photo. I feel like sending an art care package through mail is more meaningful than it would be through snapchat.
  3. I think ephemera’s are meaningful even though they’re used for a short amount of time. Ephemera can always remind a person the time they went somewhere or how it was popular back then. Ephemera’s can gain value overtime but it depends on what it is. If I gave my grandkids a bead bracelet from Coachella, I think they would not care unless people talk about how cool it was in the future. If it’s not cool in the future to them, they would not value my bead bracelet as much.
  4. People see art differently, not everyone sees a painting the same way one person does. Likewise, my classmate Andrew would not see the importance of the ticket when I went to the OC fair. He would not know why I thought the day was important or what I did, and who I went with. Same as for the others who don’t know why I sent those items in the art care package. Everyone sees their artwork differently until someone tells them the story behind it.
  5. Making a ACP and sending it to a nearby friends does make a difference because I actually took the time and effort to think of what I should put before I sent it out. When a friend sees a picture on snapchat, you only see it once and it would not matter anymore. However, although it takes longer to send the ACP, the items are physically there and people will remember what you sent them.
  6. I do not think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as the McDonald’s drive thru because people who work at McDonald’s just slap the food together, wrap it up and give it to their customers. As long as they get their job done correct, that’s all it matters to them. When people take their time and effort to make food, it makes a difference because they put dedication into that. An ACP can have some sort of love because you could put something from your grandparents who passed away or anything that means a lot to you.

Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Jennifer Garcia


For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Jennifer Garcia. This is her second year at Cal State Long Beach and she’s majoring in Biology. She dorms at Beachside because she lives in La Puente, which would be a far commute if she didn’t dorm. Sometimes she would commute home and visit her family on the weekends. She is the oldest out of her three brothers and two sisters. The youngest sibling is 5 years apart from the second youngest which is a slightly big gap. Jennifer likes to play soccer and hang out with her friends during her free time. Her favorite food is King Taco and she likes to listen to Spanish music. It was nice meeting Jennifer this week, she’s a sweet person.

Wk 13-Artist Conversation-Nick BamFord

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Title

Media: Plaster, Wood, Form, Found objects

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website

Instagram: @NickBamf4d

About the artist 

For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Nick Bamford. He is an undergraduate student who will be graduating this semester with his BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture. Mr. Bamford is from Huntington Beach, but decided to study at Cal State Long Beach. When he first applied to CSULB, he already had his mind set to major in Ceramics and Sculpture. During his free time, he likes to make art and explore different creations that comes to his mind. Mr. Bamford tends to go with the flow as he uses many different materials that he thinks will fit into his artwork.

Formal Analysis 

In Mr. Bamford artworks, he uses plaster, wood, foam, and found objects that were really random. He used a grocery cart that has glow sticks inside in the cart and a piece fabric material of an eye ball was glued on the side. The grocery cart was all being held together by wood, plaster and the elastic band to keep it in place. Mr. Bamford also had a fan that was on and blowing air in one of his three artworks. His three artworks looked similar, but he used random objects making it unique and different. He also purposely incorporated light bulbs and glow sticks in all of his artworks which made his work stand out when he turned off the lights. Mr. Bamford artwork looks very fragile and balanced out by the way it was sculptured.

Content Analysis 

Mr. Bamford’s inspirations were a series of objects that he thought would fit together into one sculpture. He does not plan out his artworks and rather just let it happens. If the object looks good with another object, he puts it together. Mr. Bamford likes to challenge himself with large scale objects. He finds the placement of the objects important because it’s his way of expressing himself through these artworks. Lighting also plays an important part in his artwork because it affects how he feels and what he sees in life. He compares the way he creates these sculptures piece by piece to the things that is occurring in his life over time.


When I first saw Mr. Bamford’s artworks, I thought it was different and amazed how it all held together. A grocery cart is heavy, but the wood and plaster somehow held it together. I never imagined all those pieces actually standing in place because if I put those objects myself, it would all fall over. However, people usually tend to express their feelings through a painting, but I never considered to put pieces of random things together by the situations that is happening in my life. I really liked the theme of the gallery being dark and the artworks standing out so it could be focused on more. It’s rare to find artwork like this and to see an artwork through another artists eyes.

Wk 12-Art Experience-Game Design II

For this week’s art experience, we had to use the geocaching app to find a little box or an Altoids’ tin. Before I found this Altoid’s tin, I went to two different destinations and didn’t find anything! I thought this experience was kind of hard and similar to a scavenger hunt, which was really fun. Since I did not find anything at the first two destinations, I went to the neighborhood. I was looking around the tree until the person who hid the Altoid tin gave me a hint. I thought it was sweet of him to give me a hint because I was having trouble until my friend found the box attached to the fence. Who would’ve ever thought to hide something right there? I thought it was creative and such a neat tool. Overall, this experience was fun and I will be using this geocaching app in the summer when I have more time. It gave me an idea to look at things that are surrounding me differently, I tend to not pay attention when I’m walking. People tend to not pay attention to anything when they’re walking too, we don’t observe the area around us and just focus on our own lives. There are possibilities to find things around you even if you’re walking and there are great hiding places.

My coordination is (N 33.850511 and E -118.164940) at Cherry Cove Park in Long Beach

This is what I have in mine!

Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Nancy Tran


For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Nancy Tran. This is her second year at Cal State Long Beach and she is majoring in health care administration. She doesn’t have a job but she does have an internship at St. Mary’s Medical Center for experience. Her nationality is Vietnamese and Chinese. She lived in Alhambra, Ca which is near Pasadena. As of right now, she is renting an apartment with some of her friends instead of living at home. Some of her hobbies are swimming and baking; she likes to bake fruit tarts, cookies, cupcakes and wide range of desserts. I thought it was interesting that she bakes fruit tarts because I find it difficult to bake. Furthermore into our conversation, Nancy tells me that her favorite food is sushi, but she also likes to try new foods. It was nice to meet Nancy, she’s a sweet person.

Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Ink, Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist 

For this week’s artist conversation, I met Jennifer Chen. She is a graduate student who will be graduating this semester with her masters in Printmaking at Cal State Long Beach. As she studies for her masters, she graduated with her bachelors in Biology which is a big change from printmaking. Before she decided to go back to school for her masters, she use to work for big corporations and in health departments. However, she decided that she was going to go further into her printmaking career and will be teaching an Art 270 at Cal State Long Beach in the fall.


Formal Analysis 

In Ms. Chen’s artwork, she uses printmaking and ink. In some of her artwork, she uses ink  to scribble different lines. She uses the rhythm of lines that are jagged, but most of them were straight. Furthermore, she smeared the ink to give it more of an effect so it wouldn’t only have lines. Ms. Chen also included letters in her artwork, if you look closely at the painting. However, the artwork of lines is eye opening, but it also looks like an artistic graffiti wall. In her other artworks, she uses printmaking to create the image of the suburbans and trees. It looks like a realistic photo that is found on google maps but she made it look pixelated when you look at the artwork closely. Ms. Chen focuses more on the barks of the trees and changes their colors to a pixelated dark brown, pink or purple.

Content Analysis 

Ms. Chen ideals for her artworks influenced her from the disturbance to the world. As time flies, people change and building’s are built differently. However, the trees and the ecosystem of the forest and etc. do not change. They stand the same and live until they are cut off by people. This is the reasoning to why she focuses on the barks of the trees and makes the trees more in depth overall. Google maps also plays a part in her artwork based the perspective of the trees and the suburban areas. Anything that Ms. Chen finds interesting as an artist is how she creates her art. As an artist, she has to observe her surroundings to work through these ideas.


At first when I interviewed Ms. Chen, I was confused with her artwork because it looked like a regular picture of the suburbans and the trees. Then I looked at the artworks closely and it looks like an image from google maps. Until I read Ms. Chen’s purpose of her artwork and I understood the reasoning of the trees not changing but the community itself. I realized that people do change, the building changes overtime and the city or suburbans end up looking different. However, trees do not change and if they do look any different, it has either grown taller or the branches have been cut off.

Wk 11-Art Activity-Turning Pages

On Thursday, we did an art activity called Turning Pages. The purpose of Turning Pages is to explore the spaces at the Cal State Long Beach Library and Book Store. We had a visiting artist, Marta Troya, who wanted us to experience something we do not notice but do in our everyday life. Our first activity was to go the library and read oversized children books together. We went up to the second floor and got our children books and went down to the computer lab waiting area to read our books. The experience was very different because everyone was looking at us and we were being disruptive to others who are studying. The library rule is to not talk to anyone or make loud noises, but we were doing the complete opposite. We read our books to our classmates and stood up a few times. It created a lot of attention and distractions towards others which made things awkward. I thought this experience was way out of my comfort zone, It’s not something I would do at all because I do not want to interrupt anyone while they’re doing their homework or while they’re studying. It was nice to do this activity with my classmates so the attention wasn’t just on me.

The plan on our next activity was to go to the CSULB Book Store to look around and shop. The store is called CSULB Book Store, but when you first walk inside, it looks like a regular store and not an actual book store. The store had clothing, cups, accessories, guitars, computers and even makeup! We do not notice these things until we actually go into the store and look at everything. All the books were in the back of the store instead of the front. A book store now is different to how it was a few years back because they changed it to the point where us college students can find everything at this bookstore that’s technically not really a bookstore. Students were also upstairs studying which I thought was weird because it’s not a library. I thought this experience was an eye opener and something that people should start noticing more. We tend to not care about these things and focus on school work or our personal life.


We could document experiences like Turning Pages with pictures and writing our experience like how I’m blogging about it. Words and Pictures can definitely capture our experience, it is a memory and we won’t forget what we did that day. The style of the image does matter because people see a different perspective from what you see in the picture. People see pictures precisely, but they would not know the purpose of the picture and why it was taken that way. I think words are very important to explain what you see and the purpose of the work. There’s other ways like making a vlog which is a video to really experience the activity and for people to actually feel like they were there too. Sometimes  documenting the experiencing can take you out of the experience. Even if you take a photo of something, you may not get a clear photo of it and the photo may not do it justice as it does in person. Photos are memories, but photos don’t always look the same as it does in person.