Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

These are the photos that I posted on my Instagram for this week’s art experience. I took a photo of the sunrise that morning, a photo of myself, my shoes and my food. This is a part of my life and what I take pictures of. I love editing and taking photos of anything that attracts my eyes. As I went through the group portrait on Instagram, a lot of my classmates took photos at school because the majority of their day is spent studying or in class. I also find a lot of food posts, selfies or what people are doing throughout their day. My classmates also posted a lot of things that they liked or are interested in. Everybody lives is different, and we tend to take pictures of what amazes us or what were interested in. The photos were mostly similar, but people took it differently or just posted it with no filter. However, looking through the different feeds, I did come across some photos that attracted my eyes!

I loved the angles of the photos and how the edits turned out. I thought it was all creative and different compared to how other people just take a picture just because they have to. These people definitely took their time in snapshotting these images and it turned out great of them. They enjoyed it and edited their photos which really caught my attention. I find this similar to how I would take my pictures or edit them.


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