In the year of 2046, all the residents live on what is now called Moonbase Alpha. My name is Angelica, yes just Angelica and I am a princess of Moonbase Alpha. I live in the castle on top of a big mountain across town with my father who is the king. My family and I happened to be on earth before anyone. A few weeks later, we happened to meet some people and my father made them our workers to help build our castle. That is how my father became King and I, the princess. However, just a few months ago, my mother had just passed away from a plague. I wasn’t very close to her, but I do love her very much.

Recently, I found my prince charming. His name is Leonardo and he lives on the other side of town. I bumped into him at the grocery store when I was running some errands, he’s planning on asking my father to have my hand in marriage. I got very close to his  younger sister, who is Queen Phutaaa. Phutaaa and I would always get our hair and makeup done at the castle or at her mansion. I’m so glad I met her through Leonardo, we’re like best friends. When I found out my mother had died recently, I would go visit my friend Geoffrey who I adore very much! He’s always making me giggle and puts me in a better mood. I know that I could count on him for anything.

One day, I went on a walk on a beautiful day and I happened to find a man who was lost. His name is Henray, who is the creator from space. He is half human, and half alien and robot. I thought it was amazing because I’ve never met anyone like that. Moonbase Alpha welcomes anyone who’s new to our grounds. Furthermore, on April 2046, I got into an argument with my father on a rainy day and ran out the forest where I randomly meet Alexa Luna . I thought she was beautiful when I first saw her. I was in tears, so she comforted me and we had long deep talks. However, after we talked, she said she had to leave and she’ll never visit me again because she had other duties to help people.

Moonbase Alpha is such a welcoming warm place to be, everyone gets along with each other and creates a bond. We don’t know what we were before or how we ended up here in Moonbase Alpha. I will be looking forward to the future when I’m getting married to my prince charming Leonardo and meeting more people. Even though I am a princess, I am kind and welcoming to anyone I meet. I know I am royalty, but this is a chance for everyone to share the same experience that I’ve had the past years.



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