Wk 8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


This is my automatic drawing that I did with my brother. I was confused at first on what to do in the beginning, but I just told my brother to follow me and just let the pencil do its thing. So we turned off the lights and lit a candle, then we both held on to the pencil. We kept laughing at first because we thought it was silly, but we ended up with a drawing. As we were drawing, my brother started messing with me and drew an inappropriate drawing, I didn’t realized it until when I turned on the lights when we were done. We tried to use different colors so it wouldn’t look boring with just one. However, it was hard to draw something because I didn’t know what my brother was thinking and I just followed him or he followed me. Overall, I felt like I could’ve done better and tried to work with him to draw something, but instead it was all scribble.


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