Wk 7-Artist Conversation-Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F* ART

Media: Thread, Trash bag and Metallic Yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No website

Instagram: AliciaKeyworth

For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Alicia Keyworth. She is an undergraduate student at CSULB and is graduating next semester with a BFA in Fiber and BA in Art education. When she was a freshmen in college, she majored in graphic designing, but then decided that she wanted to go the teaching route instead. On her free time, she likes to weave and spend time with her two cats. Right now, she is currently making a fleece out of sheep and she will dye it when she’s done with it.

Alicia’s artwork is called, “Wasteful Growth.” She weaved the metallic yarn that is shaped like a rhombus and added streaks of metallic yarn through the trash bag. The trash bag isn’t like a regular smooth trash bag, she weaved the plastic of the trash bag that is held together by thread. The work is very detailed when looked closely, but from a distance, it looks it’s just one big piece of material. The texture of the trash bag feels like plastic, it kind of felt like a blanket. The metallic yarn felt smooth, but not to rough.

Alicia’s style was to be free and try different materials that you wouldn’t normally combined. She wanted to try something different and structure it with process. She was inspired to do this artwork because of the environmental issues and got the idea from the garbage patch in the ocean. So she decided to use items that were scraps and made it into artwork. However,  she’s usually more colorful, but challenged herself to do this artwork. She decided to do her artwork colors; gold and black.

Overall, I though this artwork was different compared to other artists. She incorporated scraps of trash into a wall piece. I would’ve never thought this was able to be created, because when I see a garbage patch, I only see plastic bottles that could’ve been recycled. It shows how much people take advantage of our environment and can’t take minute of their time to throw it into the trash so it won’t end up in the ocean where the kids swim in on a everyday basis. This will keep me motivated to recycle and never liter!


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