Wk 7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

For the group video activity, I teamed up with Helen Lee, Glenda Castillo, Enrique Plascencia, Jing Huan Ooi, and Margarita Reyna. We decided to go around and ask people “Who are they voting for in 2016?” We also asked each other in the group who were we gonna vote for in 2016 and the majority of us said Hilary. Our interview consists of a  college professor and two students of CSULB. I thought this art experience was nice to do an activity with a group, but it was also hard because the students around campus were rushing to class or didn’t know who they were gonna vote for. It was also hard because I didn’t want the video to be to long and had to edit some clips out.However, I felt good about our results and I got a chance to enhance my editing skills. Next time, I think it would’ve been better if we got a chance to walk around the campus to ask more students.


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