Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

These are the photos that I posted on my Instagram for this week’s art experience. I took a photo of the sunrise that morning, a photo of myself, my shoes and my food. This is a part of my life and what I take pictures of. I love editing and taking photos of anything that attracts my eyes. As I went through the group portrait on Instagram, a lot of my classmates took photos at school because the majority of their day is spent studying or in class. I also find a lot of food posts, selfies or what people are doing throughout their day. My classmates also posted a lot of things that they liked or are interested in. Everybody lives is different, and we tend to take pictures of what amazes us or what were interested in. The photos were mostly similar, but people took it differently or just posted it with no filter. However, looking through the different feeds, I did come across some photos that attracted my eyes!

I loved the angles of the photos and how the edits turned out. I thought it was all creative and different compared to how other people just take a picture just because they have to. These people definitely took their time in snapshotting these images and it turned out great of them. They enjoyed it and edited their photos which really caught my attention. I find this similar to how I would take my pictures or edit them.


Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Helen Lee


For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Helen Lee. She’s from South Pasadena but is now currently living in Long Beach. She will be graduating this semester with her Bachelor’s degree in English Education. Her hobbies are cooking, making art (which I find her very creative from the work I’ve seen), and she likes to go hiking. Her favorite types of food are Korean, Mexican, Hole Mole and Vietnamese; she also likes to drink coffee and tea. Some countries that she has been too with her parents are Beijing, Thailand, Korean and some parts of Europe. I met Helen the first week of school but never had the chance to know a little bit more about her. I find her such an amazing and adventurous person. I’m glad that I met her this semester!

Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil, Pastel, Maker, Inks, Crayons, MonoPrints, Basswood Carving

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.HelenWernerCox.com

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation, I met Helen Werner Cox. She is a graduate student who will be graduating this semester with a MFA in drawing and painting at Cal State Long Beach. Ms. Cox grew up in Ithaca, New York, then she moved to Massachusetts to study in fine arts. For about 30 years, she taught middle school and high school before she returned to school to earn her master degree. The first 13 years, she lived in Boston, then she decided to move to California because of the heavy snow and rain. When she came to California, she didn’t have any connections to get a job until she got offered to work at a middle school. She worked at a middle school for 17 years, but later became a librarian for 13 years in North Long Beach. Other than drawing and painting as her hobbies, she likes to garden and read fiction or mystery books.

Formal Analysis 

Ms. Cox’s artworks were all different but had a relation with each piece because of the horses. Some of the horses were on carousels and the others were drawn differently with the colors and medias that were used.

The photo on the left is called, “Breakout or Outbreak-Which Will It Be?”. The carousel is spinning in circles as the horses are moving up and down made her create this scene of the horses as she sat in the carousel. She used oil and pastel for this artwork and it took her a long time because the artwork was so big. The artwork is so detailed with the technique of streaks that she used to make the horse’s colors stand out because of the dark blue background. The photo on the right is called, “Silent Screams”. In this artwork, she used large brushes to paint the color brown, then she began to draw each line creating the black background ; the design on top of the horses and the horses itself. She used multiple strokes with the brush to create the body shape of the horses and the background.

These artworks were different compared to the first two. The photo on the left was drawn using marker, inks, and crayons. The brown horse blends well with the aqua dark background that compliments each other well. Ms. Cox also splattered white paint and used white on the horse’s body to enhance the colors so it will not look as dark and create a simple effect. She also used the technique called mono prints to creative a pattern in her artwork. The photo on the right is called, “Unleashed”. She used Basswood carving to create this piece of artwork, the head is a young women with her chest included but the bottom part of her body is the horse’s body. The texture looks smooth but has the carving marks on the body. The work overall is detailed with the curls in the hair, the shape of the face and the exact bottom part of a horse.

Content Analysis 

Ms. Cox’s artwork was inspired by carousels and the horses. She points out that the horses on the carousel would go around constantly and it’s not getting anywhere. It is an endless cycle to her as she compares people’s lives to the carousel because people lives is an endless cycle. The horses going up and down on the carousel spectacle represents the mistakes that people go through on a daily basis. It’s a cycle of mistakes that people make and they keep redoing the same mistakes over again. The carousel also shows how it can’t go backwards like how we can’t go back in the day, it keeps going forward. The cycle keeps going until people eventually pass away. This feeling of people making the same mistakes in life made her express this in her artworks.


The artwork of the horses reminds me of the superstition that is in my buddhist culture. I use to have a painting of horses in my house, and it needed to be a certain amount of horses to have good luck. It was a painting of horses running one direction and it reminded me of Ms. Cox’s artwork. The horses in her painting are headed in one direction and it’s leading a path in life. Horses to me are very powerful and it does have a meaning to life even though people some wouldn’t think that. I never noticed how our lives is a cycle and people are making the same mistakes. It showed me how powerful Ms. Cox artwork is.


In the year of 2046, all the residents live on what is now called Moonbase Alpha. My name is Angelica, yes just Angelica and I am a princess of Moonbase Alpha. I live in the castle on top of a big mountain across town with my father who is the king. My family and I happened to be on earth before anyone. A few weeks later, we happened to meet some people and my father made them our workers to help build our castle. That is how my father became King and I, the princess. However, just a few months ago, my mother had just passed away from a plague. I wasn’t very close to her, but I do love her very much.

Recently, I found my prince charming. His name is Leonardo and he lives on the other side of town. I bumped into him at the grocery store when I was running some errands, he’s planning on asking my father to have my hand in marriage. I got very close to his  younger sister, who is Queen Phutaaa. Phutaaa and I would always get our hair and makeup done at the castle or at her mansion. I’m so glad I met her through Leonardo, we’re like best friends. When I found out my mother had died recently, I would go visit my friend Geoffrey who I adore very much! He’s always making me giggle and puts me in a better mood. I know that I could count on him for anything.

One day, I went on a walk on a beautiful day and I happened to find a man who was lost. His name is Henray, who is the creator from space. He is half human, and half alien and robot. I thought it was amazing because I’ve never met anyone like that. Moonbase Alpha welcomes anyone who’s new to our grounds. Furthermore, on April 2046, I got into an argument with my father on a rainy day and ran out the forest where I randomly meet Alexa Luna . I thought she was beautiful when I first saw her. I was in tears, so she comforted me and we had long deep talks. However, after we talked, she said she had to leave and she’ll never visit me again because she had other duties to help people.

Moonbase Alpha is such a welcoming warm place to be, everyone gets along with each other and creates a bond. We don’t know what we were before or how we ended up here in Moonbase Alpha. I will be looking forward to the future when I’m getting married to my prince charming Leonardo and meeting more people. Even though I am a princess, I am kind and welcoming to anyone I meet. I know I am royalty, but this is a chance for everyone to share the same experience that I’ve had the past years.


Wk 9-Classmate Conversation-Rosa Velazquez


This is Rosa Velazquez and she’s a freshmen here at Cal State Long Beach.It’s funny because Rosa and I actually went to the same high school in North Long Beach, but never talked to each other till this year. The reason being was because we were in different programs in high school. Rosa is majoring in business and commutes to school but gets lazy to drive. Other than going to school, she works at a bridal shop. On her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and make new friends. Some interesting facts about her; she’s the oldest out of her sister and brother, her favorite food is tacos and she loves dancing. It was nice to know more about Rosa because we went to the same highschool but never really had a full conversation with each other.


Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig


Media: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Enamel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website

Instagram: No instagram

Cabanig is an undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach and will be graduating this semester with a BFA in metals and jewelry. She moved to Long Beach for college, but she’s originally from Los Angeles. Cabanig has been doing art since she was a kid but barley started working with metal four years ago. Her mom wanted her to go to school to become a doctor like any other filipino kid, but she didn’t see herself as that. As of right now, she is currently working at a studio where she creates her artwork, but she doesn’t  know what she will be doing after graduating.

The top left photo is the jewelry that she made out of silver. They are very simple and not as colorful compared to the other artists. The top right photo is the “Forest Finger Brace” which was influenced by the movie Forrest Gump. She made a paper model first before making the finger brace with copper. The finger brace is simple just like her other jewelry, but this brace looks more stiff comepared to other finger jewleries. The bottom left photo is a fine glass that has black and white floral incorporated into her glass. She used the technique grisaille to add the white floral on top of the black glass. On the bottom two right photos, Cabanig wore her necklace piece that she created out of silver. The magnets held together the chains and the three balls were hooked on to the chains. Her piece is simple as well, but has a lot of chains to make it look dramatic and a remembrance from the Egyptian jewelries.

Cabanig was inspired to work with metal and jewelry because of an introductory metal class she took 4 years ago. At first, she was into drawing and painting until she tried something new and loved it. Metal is more of a challenge for her compared to drawing and painting. Silver is one of her favorite pieces to work with because of how precious it is. The artworks were inspired from her emotional state at the time or her passion for incorporating flowers into her artwork. She will be looking forward to the future to see what else is in store for her and other things that she can draw inspiration from.

Overall, I thought Cabanig’s artwork and jewelry were cute and simple. I think her jewelries would be something I would wear for myself, but the one with the extra chains and balls were sort of not my style. When Cabanig wore the necklace, she couldn’t move her head as much and it looked uncomfortable. I think that piece if mores uitable just for display rather than wearing it. However, she inspired me to go for what I would love to do as a job and not to just go for a major that my parents are recommending me to do. I always listened to what my parents think is best for me, but if I enjoy doing something I love then I should go for it.



Wk 8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


This is my automatic drawing that I did with my brother. I was confused at first on what to do in the beginning, but I just told my brother to follow me and just let the pencil do its thing. So we turned off the lights and lit a candle, then we both held on to the pencil. We kept laughing at first because we thought it was silly, but we ended up with a drawing. As we were drawing, my brother started messing with me and drew an inappropriate drawing, I didn’t realized it until when I turned on the lights when we were done. We tried to use different colors so it wouldn’t look boring with just one. However, it was hard to draw something because I didn’t know what my brother was thinking and I just followed him or he followed me. Overall, I felt like I could’ve done better and tried to work with him to draw something, but instead it was all scribble.

Wk 8-Classmate Conversation-Hannah Mandias


For this week’s classmate conversation, I met Hannah Mandias. This is her first year at Cal State Long Beach and she’s majoring in Marine Biology. She was raised in San Bernardino which is about two hours away, so she dorms here at school. Her nationality is Indonesian and Chinese, however, I never expected her to be Chinese. She’s also a vegetarian, reason being, to live a healthier lifestyle and for her support on animal cruelty. Some of her hobbies are painting, doing her makeup, playing the ukulele and singing. We share some similarities like watching makeup tutorials on youtube, which I thought was really cool. It was nice meeting Hannah and learning more about her.

Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Almira Nikravesh


Artist: Almira Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal and Board is MDF

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: No website

Instagram: AlmiraNikravesh

For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Almira Nikravesh. She is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach and will be graduating with a BFA in sculpture. On her free time, she enjoys going to the gym to lift weights. Almira told me a little about her history and why she couldn’t walk on a rug when she was little. Her family owns an expensive silk carpet shop that is made to NOT walk on. She says, in Iran, you can’t walk on these carpets because the labor to make these type of carpets is really extensive. This is a memory of when she was little and couldn’t walk on the carpets because of how strict her culture was.

Almira’s artwork is the feet surrounding the sides of the walls and the carpet in the middle of the room. She put the same duplicate sculptures of her feet and used the area of the room where it usually wouldn’t be used. Amira used the C and C which is a computer numeral control that engraves in the points you tell it too. So, she used the C and C to engraved her feet multiple times and they all look exactly the same.The texture of the feet is soft and smooth, it’s detailed by each lining of the toes and toe nails. She also made a look a like carpet in the middle of the room that is made from wood and saw dust. She used the C and C to make it look like a 3D model. The carpet is very detailed with each design that she incorporated.

Almira was inspired to do this artwork because of the Islamic Mediterranean Eastern art that she sees. She’s also Mediterranean, which influences the objects and issues in her life to incorporate this in her artwork. Since she was little and couldn’t walk on carpets, she thought that she would make a duplicate of a carpet that was in her house into a 3D carpet made of wood. Her purpose was to let the audience know that the carpets should be used instead of not being walked on.

I thought Almira’s artwork was very creative and confusing at first. When I first walked in, I didn’t understand what was going on until she explained to me the history behind it. Most artists would do an artwork based off how they feel and what they want to experiment with, but Almira’s artwork was influenced by her family and the story behind it. I really liked the feet surrounding the walls, I thought she made it all by hand at first until she told me it was made by the computer. I think art should be embraced by culture more and the story behind it.

Wk 7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

For the group video activity, I teamed up with Helen Lee, Glenda Castillo, Enrique Plascencia, Jing Huan Ooi, and Margarita Reyna. We decided to go around and ask people “Who are they voting for in 2016?” We also asked each other in the group who were we gonna vote for in 2016 and the majority of us said Hilary. Our interview consists of a  college professor and two students of CSULB. I thought this art experience was nice to do an activity with a group, but it was also hard because the students around campus were rushing to class or didn’t know who they were gonna vote for. It was also hard because I didn’t want the video to be to long and had to edit some clips out.However, I felt good about our results and I got a chance to enhance my editing skills. Next time, I think it would’ve been better if we got a chance to walk around the campus to ask more students.