Wk 6-Art Experience-Photowalk

For my photowalk, I chose Jing Huan Ooi as my guide. She walked us around the engineering building to Brotman Hall where we observed the different trees and the scenery of the school. Everyday I walk around this area to get to my classes, but I never really paid attention to the trees and how the school was built overall. As I noticed, this area in the school is really relaxing and not as loud as the other parts of the school. I thought this experience was great because I’m not the type of person who would notice how different photos look when they’re taken in different angles unless they’re crooked. Jing was a great guide, she told us to take pictures of anything that we wanted around the area. I personally feel like we don’t appreciate the trees and the nature of life like we should be doing. These were some photos that I capture on our photo walk.

As we see in these photos, the angles of the picture shows how differently it looks when it’s taken. When I took the photo at an angle, you just see a bunch of trees looking like they’re growing in different directions. However, when I took it in the middle, the whole walk way and the trees lined up perfectly. It’s amazing how angles change the whole perception of a photo. Two very different photos but the same exact location.

IMG_5298This photo is my favorite, it’s a big tree with the sun in the background. The light hitting perfectly behind the tree almost makes it a silhouette. I also prefer this side because If I was to stand on the other side of the tree, it would’ve been light. I made sure to take it horizontally so it can show the whole landscape of the tree.

IMG_5300The next photo I took was a picture under the tree. I took it at a higher angle focusing on what it looks like If I was standing under it. A tree looks different when you’re under it rather than when you’re standing far away from it. I never noticed how many branches there are and how the tree is grown. I see trees everday and I’ve never really taken time to appreciate how beautiful they can be.

These are two different photos of trees, but they’re in the same area. I took a picture standing in front and another on the side of the trees. On the left photo, when I stood in front of the tree, I could only see that tree. But when I shift a little bit to the right or left, then we see a difference. It makes a big difference on how you should take a photo. The angles and positions change your photos instantaneously. I think I should’ve took these photos horiztontally because I wasn’t able to see much of the scenery when I took the photos vertically.

Lastly, I took a photo of the water fountain and this cute duck. On the left photo, I took a close up of the duck. I never realized how many different colors a duck can have. The duck’s mouth looks hard and the fin’s looked like it felt like leather. In the other photo, I snapped a photo of the water fountain and the two ducks. It’s more difficult to see the texture of the fur, mouth and fin’s since I’m further away, but more background and depth of field is covered. Taking a photo up close and far makes a different how you’ll be able to see anything.


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