Wk 5-Art Experience-Cuisine

At first, I wanted to do my art experience with coiffure, but since I do my hair everyday, I thought doing something else would be better; so i went with cuisine. Instead of trying to cook food, I wanted to try something artistic like decorating. I’ve never decorated anything food related, not even cupcakes. I was never into being artsy with food, so I decided I should try it out and i figured it would be a good experience. I was searching for ideas on Pinterest and I came across Oreos that were decorated really cute. Instead of doing a Christmas or Halloween theme, I went with the Bumble bees that is made out of Oreos.

These are the materials that I used to make my Bumble bee Oreos. Instead of using cereal for the wings, I used wood craft sticks instead.


First, I melted the candy melts in the microwave for 1 minute. I took it out and mixed the candy melt so it would smooth out. Then, I put a wooden stick between the Oreo and put the candy melt on the Oreo.


Next, I put the Oreos in the refrigerator so the candy melt will freeze a little.


Next, I used the chocolate decorating icing to make the lines of the Bumble bees. It was actually harder than I thought it would be. The icing didn’t come out smoothly and it was really streaky, but overall it did look like a Bumble bee. It just wasn’t perfect as I expected it to be. I thought this art experience was fun, but also messy. I realized that decorating isn’t my hobby, but at least I tried it. I think I would try this again and do it better the second time. The people on Pinterest made the Oreos look nice and it seemed so easy, but it’s not as easy as it seems.




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