Week 3-Classmate Conversation-Jing Huan Ooi

After I finished taking a few snapchat photos, I met Jing Huan Ooi. She’s studying aboard from Malaysia! I thought it was cool because I never met anyone who’s from Malaysia. This is her junior year in college and she will be staying here at CSULB until she graduates. She’s majoring in Electrical Engineering, which is fascinating because women don’t usually major in Engineering. I asked her how does she like the United States so far and she explains how it’s different from back home. The food is different, but she enjoys eating Korean bbq! Jing says that it is very welcoming and diverse here in Long Beach. The professors are more involved with the students where it’s different back home in Malaysia. The teachers are more strict and the students don’t talk back to their elders. In contrast, students here at CSULB will speak up and say whatever is on their mind. I thought this was a great experience to meet someone new. It amazes me how people who live from different parts of the world attend Cal State Long Beach.


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