Week 3-Artist Conversation-Andrew Fong

Fantasy Girl, 2016. Wax. 8.25 cm x 7.62 cm x 13.34 cm (3.25 in x 3 in x 5.25 in)

Artist: Andrew Fong

Exhibition: Standard 2.6 Art Education Student Association

Media: Wax, Cardboard, Ceramics, 2D

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Afonggallery.weebly.com

Instagram: Afong9189

Andrew Fong is a graduate student who majored in Art Education at CSULB. He’s in the single subject program which means he’s still considered a student at CSULB. Andrew didn’t really have the passion for art in high school. As he processed through college, he noticed that he liked art. His interests is exploring new things with art and whatever comes to his mind at the moment.

Andrew’s artwork is a wax sculpture of a girl with a sword. The work is very detailed with the face, hair and the structure of the body itself. The wax looked very fragile and easy to break. Some parts of the work is smooth, but the other parts like the body and arms are undulating. The blue wax sculpture looked like an actually girl.

The artist was inspired to focus on visual arts standards. He does whatever artwork he feels like doing at the moment. There are times where he feels doing his work on rings or animals. He tried exploring with wax by buying tools to melt and carve it. It was a fun experiment for him which took about a month to finish.

The artist’s ideas influenced me to do whatever artwork that comes to my mind. It is good to experiment and try new things. You’ll never know what you’re capable of doing when it comes to art or anything in life. He barley figured that he was into art senior year of college and it made me realized that I can find a different interest later in the future. However, this artwork doesn’t really have an affect on me, but the it does remind me of an anime character from a Japanese show.


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