Wk 6-Art Experience-Photowalk

For my photowalk, I chose Jing Huan Ooi as my guide. She walked us around the engineering building to Brotman Hall where we observed the different trees and the scenery of the school. Everyday I walk around this area to get to my classes, but I never really paid attention to the trees and how the school was built overall. As I noticed, this area in the school is really relaxing and not as loud as the other parts of the school. I thought this experience was great because I’m not the type of person who would notice how different photos look when they’re taken in different angles unless they’re crooked. Jing was a great guide, she told us to take pictures of anything that we wanted around the area. I personally feel like we don’t appreciate the trees and the nature of life like we should be doing. These were some photos that I capture on our photo walk.

As we see in these photos, the angles of the picture shows how differently it looks when it’s taken. When I took the photo at an angle, you just see a bunch of trees looking like they’re growing in different directions. However, when I took it in the middle, the whole walk way and the trees lined up perfectly. It’s amazing how angles change the whole perception of a photo. Two very different photos but the same exact location.

IMG_5298This photo is my favorite, it’s a big tree with the sun in the background. The light hitting perfectly behind the tree almost makes it a silhouette. I also prefer this side because If I was to stand on the other side of the tree, it would’ve been light. I made sure to take it horizontally so it can show the whole landscape of the tree.

IMG_5300The next photo I took was a picture under the tree. I took it at a higher angle focusing on what it looks like If I was standing under it. A tree looks different when you’re under it rather than when you’re standing far away from it. I never noticed how many branches there are and how the tree is grown. I see trees everday and I’ve never really taken time to appreciate how beautiful they can be.

These are two different photos of trees, but they’re in the same area. I took a picture standing in front and another on the side of the trees. On the left photo, when I stood in front of the tree, I could only see that tree. But when I shift a little bit to the right or left, then we see a difference. It makes a big difference on how you should take a photo. The angles and positions change your photos instantaneously. I think I should’ve took these photos horiztontally because I wasn’t able to see much of the scenery when I took the photos vertically.

Lastly, I took a photo of the water fountain and this cute duck. On the left photo, I took a close up of the duck. I never realized how many different colors a duck can have. The duck’s mouth looks hard and the fin’s looked like it felt like leather. In the other photo, I snapped a photo of the water fountain and the two ducks. It’s more difficult to see the texture of the fur, mouth and fin’s since I’m further away, but more background and depth of field is covered. Taking a photo up close and far makes a different how you’ll be able to see anything.


Wk 5-Art Experience-Cuisine

At first, I wanted to do my art experience with coiffure, but since I do my hair everyday, I thought doing something else would be better; so i went with cuisine. Instead of trying to cook food, I wanted to try something artistic like decorating. I’ve never decorated anything food related, not even cupcakes. I was never into being artsy with food, so I decided I should try it out and i figured it would be a good experience. I was searching for ideas on Pinterest and I came across Oreos that were decorated really cute. Instead of doing a Christmas or Halloween theme, I went with the Bumble bees that is made out of Oreos.

These are the materials that I used to make my Bumble bee Oreos. Instead of using cereal for the wings, I used wood craft sticks instead.


First, I melted the candy melts in the microwave for 1 minute. I took it out and mixed the candy melt so it would smooth out. Then, I put a wooden stick between the Oreo and put the candy melt on the Oreo.


Next, I put the Oreos in the refrigerator so the candy melt will freeze a little.


Next, I used the chocolate decorating icing to make the lines of the Bumble bees. It was actually harder than I thought it would be. The icing didn’t come out smoothly and it was really streaky, but overall it did look like a Bumble bee. It just wasn’t perfect as I expected it to be. I thought this art experience was fun, but also messy. I realized that decorating isn’t my hobby, but at least I tried it. I think I would try this again and do it better the second time. The people on Pinterest made the Oreos look nice and it seemed so easy, but it’s not as easy as it seems.



Wk 5-Classmate Conversation-Marylin Try

As I was waiting to have the artist conversation, I met Marylin Try. This is her second year at Cal State Long Beach and she is majoring in Kinesiology. She’s Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese, but she only speaks Khmer. It’s funny because I’m also Cambodian and Vietnamese, but I speak Vietnamese. Marylin is buddhist but attends the temple occasionally, which is something we have in common because I only go to the temple for Cambodian New Years. She’s planning on having a pig as a pet in the future, so she decided to not eat pork. I thought that was brave of her to stop eating pork and trying something new. It was really nice to meet someone who has a similar background as me.

Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join To Form: Single Entity

Media: Sterling Silver, Cooper, Gold Leaf, Enamel, Steel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No Website

Instagram: Whipperton

On Thursday, I met Kristi Jensen to have the artist conversation. She is an undergraduate student who is working on her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. Jensen is graduating in Fall Semester of 2016 at Cal State Long Beach. She’s actually older than most students who are currently attending CSULB because she decided to go back to school. On her free time, she likes to knit and make different pieces with fiber art.  Other than her artworks, she does have art on her body. She has about 8 tattoos, but she decided that she wouldn’t get anymore.

Jensen uses Sterling Silver, Cooper, Gold leaf, Cloisonné, Enamel and Steel in her artworks. In the top left photo, she made a ring that is made of sterling silver. Instead of making the ring flat and rounded all around like any other ring, she formed the sterling silver to have a shape at the top of the ring. In comparison to other rings, it isn’t smooth and it has a cement texture to it. In the top right photo, Jensen made a cup that has one side taller than the other. She used copper on the outside and put a gold leaf on the inside. She used fire to melt and bend the copper so it could shape into a cup. The texture is smooth on the inside and the outside. On the bottom left photo, Jensen curved the steel to a point where it looked like an onion and since it looked like an onion, the name carried on with it art. Lastly, the bottom right photo is a necklace that is made with sterling silver and enamel. She used the colors; dark purple, jade and a dark blue that complimented each other really well.

Jensen’s inspiration came from her grandfather when he use to fix televisions. She would watch him fix the television piece by piece and she was inspired by it. It made her want to work with art and explore with different medias. Aside from her grandfather as an inspiration, she was also inspired from Pinterest and Instagram. She would look for artwork that she finds interesting and she would make her own. Jensen enjoys working with metal and transforming it into an object. For her next project, she plans on working on a mechanical animal piece.

My favorite piece that she created was the necklace. I personally like jewelry and I thought it was creative how she formed the enamel into a pendant with different colors that complimented each other. I also thought it was fascinating how she bent steel into a shape of an onion. The artwork is very simple; the pieces are all symmetrical and fit perfectly together. When she said she was inspired from Pinterest and Instagram, I thought it was similar to how I get inspired from Instagram when it comes to clothing or taking pictures in general. There are so many things we can get inspiration from and even the little things can make a huge impact.

Wk 4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing

On Saturday morning, I decided to go to Venice Beach to do my Graffiti Writing. I’ve never been to Venice before and I thought it would be a great experience to explore something new. I left around 10 a.m. because I didn’t want to be stuck in traffic; it took roughly about 35-40 minutes to get there. Upon arriving, I walked about 15 mins from where I parked to get to the place, then on, I had to find the perfect spot to tag. When I found this section, I began spray painting and immediately the paint started dripping. I had trouble spray painting because I’ve never done it before and the colors I chose didn’t pop as much as the others. I had to spray and repeat multiple times to get my name visible. For the first layer of spray paint, I used white first and sprayed it twice. Then I took the jade color, which I kind of regret because the pink or gold color would’ve stood out more in my opinion. To fix my dilemma I had to use the white spray paint as my primary color. It was so hard to see the jade color in my graffiti writing because of the other green graffiti that was in the background, but I used the jade to outline my white spray paint. I thought this experience was cool and I would probably do this again in the summer.


Wk 4-Classmate Conversation-Andrew Andrade


I actually met Andrew on Tuesday, but didn’t really talk to him. So I thought it would be a good idea to have the classmate conversation with him to get to know him better. This is Andrew Andrade and this is his second year at Cal State Long Beach. He is majoring in Political Science which I thought was really interesting. He lives down the street from school which is really convenient. He’s into martial arts and use to wrestle in high school. Andrew is a Laker fan, and admitted that they aren’t as good as they were before. Something that surprised me about Andrew was when he said he liked Sushi and Korean Bbq. It was really nice to meet Andrew, he was a nice and easy person to talk to!

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan


Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition:  Weight of Whimsy Ideals

Media: Ceramic Clay, Montana Spray Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: Samueljenri

The artist that I met on Thursday was Samuel Jernigan. He graduated in the Fall of 2015 at Cal State Long Beach with a BFA in Ceramics. He’s from the Bay Area, which is in Central California, but grew up in an agricultural area outside of Fresno County. His interests are playing music, reading comic books, and riding a bicycle. One interesting thing that he said about his life was when he lived in a car for three years. It’s amazing how much he has overcome from living in his car and working at a grocery store to keep his dream of getting a degree in something he enjoys doing in reach.

Jernigan uses ceramic clay and spray paint in his artwork. The top left photo is a mannequin, but it’s only 1/3 of the body. It looks like a real mannequin and the way he formed the clay made it look like a real shirt. Although in the picture the shirt has some sort of ruffle effect, it doesn’t affect the texture of the clay. The clay throughout the piece is very smooth. In the top right photo is a ceramic clay artwork of a fish; it’s an oversized red/orange fish. In the bottom left photo, it is a boy that has different colors on his head and eyes. This artwork is a little bit more detailed with lines on his head and the different shades of color ranging from red, brown, orange, and teal. Another interesting thing about it is the different set of eyes; it brings a mysterious look to the piece.  Lastly, the photo of the boots and shoes is also made of ceramic clay. The boots are different compared to the other shoes because of the bumps that make the consistency of the art rough rather than soft like the others.

The artist’s artwork was inspired from his passion with music. Jernigan playing music would give him a feeling that he transpires into his artwork.He tries to appeal his audiences by using certain techniques in his art to trigger emotion so when people see his work, they feel a certain way about it.Jernigan takes his artwork seriously, and it reflects in his art. He wanted to create something that has a fabrication of uniqueness like a portrait.

When I first walked into the gallery, I thought Jernigan’s artwork was amazing. The artwork looked real, but I’ve never actually seen anything like it before. His art really expresses himself because of its uniqueness and creativity. It makes me wonder why he chose to use ceramic clay or why he made the sculpture of a head, shoes, etc.? When I saw the fish, I thought it was very different. It looked like a blown up fish, but we can’t really distinguish what type it actually is. He made the artwork look realistic and I would’ve never thought of something creative like this. It gave me a perspective of how artists make and view their own artwork.


Week 3-Art Experience-Snapchat

The two top photos was taken from my snapchat and the bottom two is from my classmates! I thought snapchat was a great experience to see what people are doing and how creative it is. I had a snapchat a few months ago, but ended up deleting it. Last week, I downloaded the app again and it was different compared to how it was months ago. I enjoy how people can see what you’re doing for the day and how you can snap anything! You have so much control on who can see your stories and how long it can be. I’ve seen other snapchat photos where people draw superheroes and etc. It is pretty creative with how much you can do with snapchat and I plan on keeping my snapchat this time to remember my memories!

Week 3-Classmate Conversation-Jing Huan Ooi

After I finished taking a few snapchat photos, I met Jing Huan Ooi. She’s studying aboard from Malaysia! I thought it was cool because I never met anyone who’s from Malaysia. This is her junior year in college and she will be staying here at CSULB until she graduates. She’s majoring in Electrical Engineering, which is fascinating because women don’t usually major in Engineering. I asked her how does she like the United States so far and she explains how it’s different from back home. The food is different, but she enjoys eating Korean bbq! Jing says that it is very welcoming and diverse here in Long Beach. The professors are more involved with the students where it’s different back home in Malaysia. The teachers are more strict and the students don’t talk back to their elders. In contrast, students here at CSULB will speak up and say whatever is on their mind. I thought this was a great experience to meet someone new. It amazes me how people who live from different parts of the world attend Cal State Long Beach.

Week 3-Artist Conversation-Andrew Fong

Fantasy Girl, 2016. Wax. 8.25 cm x 7.62 cm x 13.34 cm (3.25 in x 3 in x 5.25 in)

Artist: Andrew Fong

Exhibition: Standard 2.6 Art Education Student Association

Media: Wax, Cardboard, Ceramics, 2D

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Afonggallery.weebly.com

Instagram: Afong9189

Andrew Fong is a graduate student who majored in Art Education at CSULB. He’s in the single subject program which means he’s still considered a student at CSULB. Andrew didn’t really have the passion for art in high school. As he processed through college, he noticed that he liked art. His interests is exploring new things with art and whatever comes to his mind at the moment.

Andrew’s artwork is a wax sculpture of a girl with a sword. The work is very detailed with the face, hair and the structure of the body itself. The wax looked very fragile and easy to break. Some parts of the work is smooth, but the other parts like the body and arms are undulating. The blue wax sculpture looked like an actually girl.

The artist was inspired to focus on visual arts standards. He does whatever artwork he feels like doing at the moment. There are times where he feels doing his work on rings or animals. He tried exploring with wax by buying tools to melt and carve it. It was a fun experiment for him which took about a month to finish.

The artist’s ideas influenced me to do whatever artwork that comes to my mind. It is good to experiment and try new things. You’ll never know what you’re capable of doing when it comes to art or anything in life. He barley figured that he was into art senior year of college and it made me realized that I can find a different interest later in the future. However, this artwork doesn’t really have an affect on me, but the it does remind me of an anime character from a Japanese show.