Week 2-Activity-Plaster Casting


Lainie Le. Art 110. Spring 16′

On Thursday, after I got out of my 12:30 class. I decided to go to Seal beach to do my Plaster Casting. It was a nice day out while the sun was setting and there wasn’t many people at the beach. I took a friend with me so I could get some help molding my feet in the sand. I decided it would’ve been cool to do my feet instead of doing just a foot. I dug a hole and put my foot in the hole. Then my friend got wet sand and began molding it. The mold actually stayed, I thought it would’ve collapsed. Next, I mixed the plaster with water and poured it in the sand. I waited about 20 minutes and it was ready! I thought it was a cool experience because I never made anything like this before. It was pretty difficult to get the plaster casting out the sand, but it looked like my feet! Plaster casting does apply to activities in life because there are casts that are made for people when they break their arm or leg. It can also be used to sculpture anything people would like. However, as I was waiting for my plaster casting to dry up. I took some pictures of the scenery.




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